Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What's a "Jarrod Homer"???!!!

Okay, so I've finally submitted to it - writing an actual blog. Let it be known now that I make no promises to continue to do so, but I admittedly say that I would like to. Why? Well let's start with the basics and we'll come back.

So what is a Jarrod Homer?
Some of you may know me really well, some of you may kind of know me. Just the same there may be some of you who have only met me and well, last and certainly least (I kid - sorta) those of you who haven't met me at all. So this is going to be my attempt to (re)introduce myself to you all. Well, at least how I think I should describe myself in this 15 minute time span of typing away. (I reserve all rights to change without notice any viewpoints, information, status etc. to be stated hence forth.)

My name is Jarrod.
I'm a pretty nice guy. (Suitable to change)

I've lived in Lincoln, NE my entire life and I genuinely enjoy the place. It is in my opinion that there are far too many people that bitch about this city, but I don't understand those people at all. Though to be frank, I would be absolutely satisfied no matter where I was from, because that's how I do things. Some might say (this is me being narcissistic really) I am a professional at being happy. How do I do it, well if I told you I'd have to kill you and that wouldn't make me so happy.

Some of you may have read my bio on the profile of this little sector of the internet and read:

"Well you can understand me to be a 21 year old free spirit and creative who loves life and lives out loud. My work is to discover the world; give myself up to it. My blogs generally tend to be random thoughts about life in the form of shitty poetry. Enjoy :)"

Well to start off with I'm lying to you. I'm now 22 so how the hell can you believe anything I say?! But onward we go. Free spirit and creative you say? Well this is just a nice way of saying that I'm a super crazy, super random son of a bitch who love's to have a good time. I suppose I have my own way of thinking about things and I do love the arts, which also works as an explanation - you choose.

Discover the world?! Who the fuck do you think you are? Christopher Columbus?! Well, I must say I would absolutely love to travel the world, even by boat, but that is not really what I'm eluding to here. Sorry. I'm really just paraphrasing the Buddha, "Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it." Let it be known, that I consider myself to be what is labeled as a Buddhist. I seek the truth. I seek a happiness that isn't covered in a layer of paint with shiny new rims. (Though I would like a new bike - but we'll get to that later) I stumbled across meditation a couple of years ago, slowly started reading some books, and have been actually practicing for the last year. I try to meditate everyday, sometimes I don't - but thats ok. I won't get into a whole lot of details on this right now, but if you wondered why I'm so chill, this is one of the factors.

Random thoughts and shitty poetry?! Well, I assume if you read this you'll read some of my earlier posts and well this is rather self explanatory so I'll save you some time. Or whatever.

I love to ride my bike. It's a 09 Specialized Hardrock - sour apple green. It has gotten me to everywhere I've wanted to go in the last year, and I love it. Biking is the best. I'm a big bike advocate and I'm sure some of my posts - assuming I continue with actual posts - will be one of the subjects. (Actually everything I've mention thus far could be a subject but I digress) I'll try and skip some of the details, but if you ever want to go for a ride, hit me up.

I'm starting to get tired so I'll fast forward to the end for this blog post.

So why an actual post Today?
Well as a part of my practice I try to be mindful at all times. I thought to myself, "Well Jarrod, you do have a blog already you could just make small posts about your day to keep track and make sure you're paying attention to your day." And so that's the goal. Though I kinda enjoyed writing this one, so I'm sure I'll have more random blurbs about stupid shit that you don't really want to read anyway.

Until then,

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Kyle said...

Aaaah, Homestead. I remember the night you were given that name. So fitting. Nice write-up man. I've subscribed to ya, so don't let me down.