Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bike your drive!

Ok so, for those of you who aren't already aware, this week is bike to work week. I know that this post is a little late as I should have made a post informing the fine reader of this blog before hand so you could mentally prepare, but whatever.

So yesterdays ride was good. I don't ever really make an early morning commute so it's hard for me to tell if anybody actually stepped outside their cars and biked to work with us already bad ass commuters. Yesterday was a little cloudy and it was a wet morning, so I hope that if that scared anybody off, they got out their bikes today as I'm looking out the window at sunny skies and 68 degrees.

So why ride a bike to work?

There are a million reasons why one could and/or should ride a bike to work.

-The health benefits are unbelievable as many can attest. And in a day in age when counting calories is becoming as normal as checking the time, I think this would help people tremendously.

- Riding a bike means freedom. When I was a kid their was nothing better than being able to hop on my bike and just ride around the block and bomb some hills. It made going to a friends to play their newest video game even faster. Still today, I love to ride around and bomb hills.

-Not being trapped inside steel death, desensitizing yourself to the world, you really become a much more happy person. Stress levels drop dramatically the longer you pedal and when your ride is done you can't help but smile a little.

-Likewise not pretending your a NASCAR driver, you have a little more time to experience the world in which you live. (Not saying some of us don't occasionally don't pretend we're racing in le Tour de France)

The list could go on and on, and well I'd rather be out riding than making a list of why I should be so I'll be getting to the end. If you're not sure where the nearest trails are to get you to work, Google now offers biking directions to get you there fast and safe. Need a bike? A tune up? Helmet? Water Bottle? There really isn't any excuse good enough not to be riding, stop at your local bike shop and ask questions. There is nothing more bikers like to do than get more people out and pedaling.

My miles yesterday: 17.8
Planned miles today: 23 (taking some detours)

OH! I almost forgot!
This weekend is the Capitol City Criterium and Pioneers Park Grand Prix! I plan on being a spectator for both. If you are racing I wish you luck, if not maybe I'll see you out there watching with me.


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