Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Puddles, I just have to jump in the puddles!

Well I've spent the last 3.7 minutes trying to conceive some sort of cool intro to this post and well, that was it. Pretty lame. But that's not the point so lets cut to the chase shall we?

Woke up this morning at the crack of noon, though I couldn't sleep last night for some reason and managed to eventually drift away to neverland sometime around 7 this morning. Anywho, woke up with the usual morning routine, coffee, cereal, yoga, zazen, and the weather channel. My favorite way to start the morning, well most of the time. Anywho.

The weather channel was forecasting a rather dreary day of rain and wind, to which I would later have to bike in/against to get to work. For some strange reason I was really pumped to ride and wasn't all that bothered that riding conditions weren't going to be post card approved. Generally I don't mind riding in a bit of rain, it keeps me rather cool. Lets just say it's a hell of a lot better than 90 degrees with 100 percent humidity in the summer. (Though those days can be equally as fun.)

The ride to work was rather pleasant I saw a huge falcon just chilling on the side of the bike path, it had to at least be 15" tall. For some strange reason when it looked up at me as I rode by it stared me in the eyes and I suddenly felt like a little rat that was about to meet my demise. Magnificent creatures, very intimidating. But, thankfully instead of attacking the sour apple before him, he carried on doing whatever it is that hawks do. I also got to ogle at the design of the water way for the Antelope Valley Project. After all the rain we've had everything was full and flowing exactly as I imagine the designer wanted it to. It's pretty cool. I think I could enjoy some hot summer afternoons there maybe munching on some picnic baskets. (That I've stolen of course)

Anywho, work was a blur. I did a little of this, little of that, little of nothing. Your basics. And then it started to downpour. I was a little worried that I might have to find a ride home as it started hailing and what not. But I called my weather man up (my dad) and asked for a status update on what the storm was supposed to be doing. He said it should all clear up by the time I got off, which it did.

The ride home was awesome. I love the point when you realize your gonna get wet anyways so you might as well have fun with it. That's when I hit the puddles. Everyone I come across I have to ride through, hell I rode under the bridge by the Zoo in hopes that it would at least still have a couple inches on the trail the whole way, but no luck. I just find it funny that most people think I'm absolutely bonkers for riding in such weather, when really it's when I get to have the most fun.

When I got home I decided it was about time to check out Google's Bike Maps feature to see exactly how long my route is to work. My estimate was around 10 miles. I was a little disappointed to find out that it is only 8.9 miles. Though it is still a fairly decent commute.
This makes my total milage for the day 17.8.

Pedal forth,

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