Friday, October 22, 2010

Hey there, Hi there, Ho there!

Been a while.
I wrote a new poem and therefore it must be posted here. Enjoy. Share.

All Is Well

My eyes water

My brain is to hard to follow

Feeling like I'll be

Forever playing catch up

My hearts not broken

But it surely isn't open

Devastated by all the attempts

To just make her mine

My stomach is upset

For all the things

That haven't happened yet

And I feel misconstrued about

Where to go for food

In a world where a sandwich has no meaning

My toes burrow

Hoping for something more thoroughly


But life is simply confusing.

While I want to shake her

To try and wake her up

I hope she comes back well rested

Because it's a lifestyle I've already tested

This story has got me wondering

Could I ever be in love again

Can I ever really get whats mine?