Saturday, February 13, 2010

Nothing More Than Anything Else

What does it mean to be nothing more
Than anything else?
How does it feel?
This isn’t an attempt to explain
But by the end
I hope you understand
Because it’s not where
But how
So lets begin again.

What does it mean to be nothing?
More than anything else.

Take a look around you
Tell me
What is it that you see?
Close your eyes
Open them again
Tell me
What is it that you see?

Never fail to find beauty
In what you already know
And never deny the beauty
Of what you may not.

Man made
Nature made
There is no difference
So why look outside yourself?
You are man and nature
For certainly nature is man.

So this is what its like
To be nothing more than anything else
Because when you take a second look
It is something more
Than what you’ve found.

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