Wednesday, January 20, 2010

One of the reasons I love Jack Kerouac

The following is from Desolation Angels

-and so it's I'll bring Raphael to his house for the weekend. I will buy beers for everybody even tho I'll drink most of it - So I'll buy more - Till I go broke - It's all in the cards - We. We? I Don't know what to do- But we're all the same thing- Now I see it, we're all the same thing and it will all work out okay if we just leave each other alone- Stop hating- Stop mistrusting- What's the point, sad dyer?
Aren't you going to die?
Then why assassinate your friend and enemy--
We're all friends and enemies, now stop it, stop fighting, wake up it's all a dream, look around, you dream, it's not really the golden earth that hurts us when you think it's the golden earth that hurts us, it's only the golden eternity of blissful safety- Bless the little fly- Don't kill anymore- Don't work in slaughterhouses- We can grow greens and invent synthetic factories finally run by atomic energy that will plop out loaves of bread and unbearably delicious chemical chops and butter in cans- why not?- our clothes will last forever, perfect plastic- we'll have perfect medicine and drugs to carry us through anything short of death- and we'll all agree that death is our reward.
Will anybody stand up and agree with me? Then good, all you have to do in my employ, is bless and sit down.

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