Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fear Not!

To me it seems as though
The more days that go by,
The older that I get,
I seem to question everything
More and more until I find myself doing nothing but.

Why all the questions?
Whats with the worries that weigh this life down?
It's as if I'm pouring the cement
Into my own shoes hoping that the water
Is only neck deep.

But to hope for such a thing is madness.
Even if the water is only as you wish
You will end up looking like a fool,
Stuck to the bottom of this
Pathetic stream
For all to see.

This is why I must practice to simply just be.

This time around I'll refuse to wear shoes
And my only worry will be
When will the cow finally eat the moon?
Because surely he is out there.
And surely I am stuck dreaming.

Fear not oh cow!
You will be fed.
You shall forever graze.
Though content on one
Single blade.

There is no destination
It's all right here

"What is Life?"
You say.
"What is death?"
You whisper.
"What do they mean?"
You wonder.

I tell you this.
Life is death.
Death is life.
So now that you know,
Please fear not!
And you shall forever graze.


NicoAn90 said...

As you already know...
Loved the poem...
Just thought I'd change the number from 0 to 1
And well... to make myself look "cool" like ooooo look how many people I follow

Jarrod Homer said...

hahahaha Totally lame!
But I guess it suits you.
I kid.
As always, (still) glad you like it.