Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Again

Well, I've decided to continue sharing my thoughts on this blog, though they are entirely different from the previous posts. But I shall leave them as they are poetic in their entirety. I was actually presently surprised when I revisited my little corner of the web and found them. Good times.

Anyways there are some writings of mine I'd like to share.


Taken to the extreme,
All thoughts are evil.
And it's the tea that has
Me playing
Devils advocate.

I have
No answers.
I don't
Ask questions.
There is no secret formula to
Being wise.
Bullshit is inevitable.

So I look at the clock
Do my best to ignore the
Click, Click, Click...
And like the oracle knows,
There is no need to predict
Whats next.

I've come leaps and bounds
Doing my best to evade.
The Adventure's always better
When I lose track of time.
Itself is made. -


As the morning birds and midnight crickets

come together in one perfect chorus,
I watch the trees stand awkwardly
In gated communities happy
To be right there.
I become lost in thought
And all the boundaries
My blank mind never fails
To Remind me that there are
No real problems and therefore
I should have
No fear.
Every step henceforth is
New and unpredictable,
Old, comfortable and familiar.
For everything is the same
Yet different in its own respect.
Just as the lost and found at
Any old place can Attest.
A box of joy
A table of sorrows
That I'd rather soon forget.
Small talk with dad
Brings me back from Nebula.
It's in the Nature of all things
And life carries on again. -

Laughing, Winking, Blooming

Stepped out into the night
Backdoor whispers speak
Loud, Truthful, Beautiful.
We drink in the words
That flow just as free
As the alcohol that enticed them
For friends
There can be nothing better

A sense of urgency to spill our souls.

The stars wink at the laughing trees
And the flowers bloom to see
Whats keeping them from slumber.
There we sit,
No shame to be found;
Laughing, Winking, Blooming.

As the night goes on
We continue to offer up our bounty
We continue to share our treasures.
We know tomorrow will come
Bringing us the snapshots of
Tonights main event.
But to us tomorrow doesn't matter

It's not what is said that we
Find most important
But the bond.
Being forged by the

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